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As of July 2007, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Mainstar. In this position it will be difficult for me to maintain/enhance these programs. In some cases I will post updates I receive from other people.

Everything in this directory is free, use-at-your-own-risk software from Leonard Woren

How to reload stuff downloaded from this page.
  • My MACLIB is required to assemble most of my programs. Updated February 2, 2000 (See next line.)
  • MACLIB(TODAY) - The TODAY macro updated for Y2K . This is the only change for the Feb 2 update of MACLIB.
  • BC - a package of little SYS1.BRODCAST maintenance programs (see bc.txt)
  • CATLIST - high-speed ICF catalog lister
  • CONS - display MCS console buffers and issue operator commands
  • DATETIME - subroutine needed for ZAP
  • DELAY - Wait (sleep) for a specified number of seconds or ATTN (TSO) or operator STOP command (batch job or STC)
  • DUCB - TSO command to display MVS devices (UCBs) Added July 23, 2003
  • ENQ - TSO command to display any ENQueues
  • LSTA - TSO command for readable alternative to LISTA ST SY
  • QUEUE - TSO commmand to display JES2 queues and sysout (supports JES2 releases up to at least OS/390 V2R5) Updated October 18, 1999 NOTE: This version appears to function under V2R5, but does not currently have any support for any features added to JES2 after V1R2.
  • SCRANY - scratch a dataset even if dsname is enqueued Updated June 2, 1999
  • SMFDUMP - replacement for IPO-supplied SMFDUMP
  • SPFLIB - Reallocate TSO and ISPF DD concatenations without needing to know system dsnames
  • TAPEMAP - tell you everything you want to know about a tape Updated February 2, 2000 (Y2K fix for date in header line)
  • doc (such as it is)
  • cataloged procedure
  • update log (not current at this time)
  • TERMIO - terminal I/O subroutine for DCMS commands such as CONS
  • TZALT - issue SET CLOCK command to switch between standard <-> daylight time.
  • WHICH - locate a TSO command (load module or clist)
  • WHOHAS - show who has a dataset allocated
  • ZAP - fullscreen TSO command to inspect/modify any dataset in hex & char

  • How to reload stuff downloaded from the above selections.